If you are required to key in the verification code during login, kindly check if you have met one of the scenarios below:


1. The Secondary Verification is Disabled

If you are required to key in the verification code while you logging in via password with email/phone number portal, you might:

- The system detected your account has been logged in at a new device or different location

- You have logged in too often recently

-  Your email/phone number login password was leaked. For your account security, we advise you to change your login password once you have logged in to the game.


2. The Secondary Verification is Enabled

Logging in by using a new device, or any login portal will need you to log in via the verification code. Once you are verified, the new device will be added as a trusted device and no verification code is needed in future login.


-  To know more about Secondary Verification, please refer to the FAQ: How to enable Secondary Verification

-  If you failed to receive the verification code, please refer to the FAQ: Failed to receive Email/Mobile verification code

If you receive a pop-up message with an unknown phone number that requires you to verify the device, please refer to the FAQ: My account got hacked.  


Kind Reminder: For public policy-related concerns, please send an email to policy@proximabeta.com