Dear Players,

PUBG MOBILE always strives to maintain a fair gaming environment and provide players with the best possible gaming experience. Instances of illicit resource and account transactions have recently occurred in Metro Royale: Reunion, severely affecting the intended player experience. PUBG MOBILE will take steps to punish the above transgressions, including but not limited to: bans from the mode, account bans, etc.

Kindly check if you have met any requirements below to access the Metro Royale mode:

1. The game app has been updated to the latest version
2. Your game account is at level 10 or above, and your merit score is 80 or above
3. Emulators are not supported, please switch to a mobile device to access the Metro Royale mode
4. For email-linked only accounts will not be able to access to the Metro Royale mode temporarily, we highly advise you to link your account with your mobile number or social media account

To increase your merit score, please refer to the FAQ: Why did my merit go down? How can I earn merit back?

Here are some questions you might wonder:

1.  Why can't I play Metro Royale: Reunion?
* The Security System has detected illicit third-party transactions, client tampering, teamer behavior, etc. Your account has been placed under Safety Observation. Under the Safety Observation period, certain modes will be inaccessible.
2. How can I lift my ban from Metro Royale: Reunion?
* Please follow the PUBG MOBILE user agreement and the rules. Wait for the system to unban you once the ban period is over.

3. Lost items in the Metro Royale mode.
According to the rules of Metro Royale mode, players must survive and leave correctly to bring the items out of the match. Quitting the game or exiting the match halfway may result in the loss of items. Therefore, please do not quit the game or exit the match.

If you are being forced to quit the game midway due to network issues or other reasons which resulted in lost of equipment. Please contact us through customer service with detailed information and we will provide you with further assistance.  Thank you for your support and understanding! Settings > Customer Service (bottom right).

Kindly Reminder: For public policy matters, please send an email to