To improve players’ game account security, you are now able to change your in-game linked email/ mobile number via the in-game Settings.
You can find the Change option in Settings > Account> Email linked/Mobile number linked
These three conditions must be met, if you wish to change the linked Email/Mobile number:
1. The device has logged in 15 days in the past month.
2. The Email address/Mobile number has been linked for 7 days.
3. You are currently logged in with the linked email address/Mobile number linked.

*You are required to log in from the same device for 15 continuous days to make changes. The login day count will be recalculated if you log in by using another device.

After the above conditions are met, you can enter the new email address/Mobile number you wish to link and get the verification code to complete the whole process.

*If you have enabled the Secondary Verification, we advise you to disable it before changing your email/mobile number to avoid login issues. You may enable the Secondary Verification once you have changed your linked email/mobile number.

For more information about how to enable/disable the Secondary verification, kindly refer to FAQ: How to enable seondary verification?

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