Dear participants,

To maintain a fair competitive environment, all players who are suspected of cheating will be placed under safety observation for a more comprehensive security inspection. Please follow the rules of the game and help us maintain a fair competitive environment.

During the safety observation period:
Players can only play Solo Classic Mode TPP
Players will not receive any earnings from matches, trigger achievement rules, or be included in rankings
Players can't join teams, rooms, or matches, spectate, or use other game features

Below is a list of frequently asked questions:

Q: What is the safety observation period?
A: If the security system detects that a player is suspected of cheating, the player will be placed under security observation. During the safety observation period, features that affect users' gaming experience will be restricted, and a more comprehensive security inspection will be carried out. If it is confirmed that a player has cheated, the player will be banned or receive other penalties.

Q: I haven't cheated, so why have I been placed under safety observation?
A: The security system checks the client and activity in the game for signs of cheating. Even if you didn't cheat, you may still be placed under safety observation if one of the following situations apply to you.
1. Cheat software has been opened on your device before. Some cheating software makes permanent changes to your client, etc., which means that the system will judge that you are highly likely to have cheated when you log in again even when no cheating software is open.
2. You may have shared your game account with others. If another player has cheated with your account, there may be a delay in detection or action analysis, so the account will be placed under safety observation when it logs in again.
3. You have taken advantage of a bug. Some bugs of the game can make users' accounts seem abnormal, which makes the system judge that the account is abnormal.

Q: I have been placed under safety observation. How can I get out of this situation?
A: We observe players for different periods of time depending on the degree of suspicion of the detected actions. If you have been placed under safety observation, please regulate your in-game behavior and wait for the system to automatically place you out of safety observation.

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