If you can’t log in the game account because your social media account / Email Address is hacked, the easiest and fastest way is to directly contact the customer support of the hacked social media account / Email Address to retrieve the hacked social media account/Email Address.

After recovering your social media account/Email Address and changing the password, please remember to go to in-game Settings and log out from all the devices this account is currently logged in with. This step is very important to ensure no one else can access your game account.

Go to Settings - Basic - click on Logout.
You will see a message "Log out from all the devices this account is currently logged in with? " Tap on "OK" and you are all set.

If your game account has been hacked and maliciously linked to someone else’s social media account / Email Address, you can file an account appeal through clicking on Help and Support in Settings.

For detailed steps, please refer to FAQ:
[Account hack - My game account has been maliciously linked to someone else's social media account/Email Address]

* Please note that if you share your login credential with someone else, we cannot guarantee the security of your account. Therefore, it is important to protect your login information. For more details on how to safeguard your account, please refer to FAQ: [How can I safeguard my account?]

Kindly Reminder: For public policy matters,please send an email to policy@proximabeta.com