Please be aware that it might affect your gaming experience by changing your in-game Country/Region.

There is a cool-down period in the in-game Country/Region change. You will not be able to change your in-game Country/Region for 60 days after your first change. The cool-down period will increase according to the number of times you apply the change.                                                                                                                

Number of times of Country/Region change                Cool down period

First change                                                                                60 days

Second change                                                                           120 days

Third change and onwards                                                         180 days


Please take note that the cool-down period will be fixed at 180 days from the third time onward of the in-game Country/Region change. We highly advise you to take careful consideration before changing your in-game Country/Region.

You may change your in-game Country/Region by following the steps below:
Go to Lobby > Settings > Account > Look for Country/Region Settings option

1.Due to copyright concerns and some limitations, certain items and events will not be available in certain country/region settings.

2. You will only be able to change your in-game Country/Region to your current resident country/region as PUBG Mobile will automatically detect your current location. For example, If you are in US, the system will only show US as the option. If you want to change your in-game Country/Region to a specific country/region, you will need to return to the country/region which you would like to change to.
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