Dear participants,

To guarantee fair play, teams participating in the Semi-Finals and Finals of the All-Talent Championship Season 2 will be more closely monitored and subject to harsher penalties for security violations.

  • Increased live patrols: Several Live Investigators will be present at every Semi-Final and Final match. They will be surveilling the matches from a birds eye view using Dev Mode in order to monitor all teams (including substitute players) and penalize cheaters in real-time.
  • Added the "Call Investigator" function: Participants can tap the"Report" button on the left side of the screen to summon a Live Investigator when they suspect foul play.


Below is a list of frequently asked questions:


Q: What is a Live Investigator?

A: In the upcoming All-Talent Championship Semi-Finals and Finals, professional investigators will be dispatched to monitor every match in real-time. Together with the Ban-Pan auto-detection system, these investigators will greatly enhance the accuracy of detecting and penalizing cheaters in real-time. Please respect the rules of the game and play fair.


Q: What is the difference between Live Investigators and Security Zone Investigators? Can I become an investigator?

A: Live Investigators are predominately e-sport retirees with years of investigation experience. They have been recruited as part of the Operations Team. Security Zone Investigators are predominantly high-level players. At present, investigator positions for the All-Talent Championship are not open to players. Please keep an eye out for relevant announcements posted by the Security Zone.


Q: How do I report suspicious players/teams?

A: There are two situations where you can report suspicious activity:

(1)    During combat:

Tap the "Report" button at the top-left corner of the screen to summon a Live Investigator (Figure 1). A Live Investigator will arrive on scene to assess the situation. This method is suitable when the cheaters cannot be identified.

Figure 1. A message is displayed when in-game violations are successfully reported.

This Method does not target specific participants. A record of this action will not be present in the Reports tab of the Security Zone. Once the situation is verified, the violating team is penalized in real-time, and a map-wide message will appear at the top of the screen (Figure 2).


Figure 2. Map-wide announcement of the cheating team

2. After being defeated:

 Participants can also report cheaters on the Post-match results page after being defeated (Figure 3). Report progress and results will be sent via in-game mail. Reporters can also check this information by going to the menu on the bottom right corner of the Lobby,selecting the Ban Pan Security Zone, and tapping the "Check" tab.

Figure 3

Q: Can I report someone when I'm unsure whether they are cheating?

A: We encourage players to use the reporting system and help us in our investigations. Players can tap the"Report" button even if they only suspect the player of cheating. An investigator will assess the situation.

 To reduce the number of invalid reports, the in-game Report button has a cool down of 10 seconds. We urge players to use the reporting function reasonably.


Q: What are the penalties for cheating in the All-Talent Championship Semi-Finals and Finals?

A: To preserve the integrity of the competition,in addition to in-game penalties, violators will be reviewed after the match.If the violation is confirmed, (1) the teams scores and rewards will be revoked, (2) the team will be disqualified from the competition, and (3) all team members, including substitutes, will be permanently banned from the competition.

Again, we ask that all participants respect the rules of the game and play fair.


Notice: Ensuring Fair Play

(1) Do not enter the competition with a rooted or jail broken device. Do not enter the competition with an emulator.

(2) Modification software of any kind is prohibited. Please uninstall all apps on the device with debugging or modification functions and reboot before entering the game.After ensuring that the device is normal, enter the game and wait for two minutes or more before entering the security inspection page of the event.

(3) To avoid being falsely reported for screen hacking via spectating, please disable"Allow Spectators" in the settings.

(4) Please maintain a stable internet connection during matches.

(5) Only download installation packs from official sources.

(6) Accounts with a history of cheating are prohibited from participating in the All-Talent Championship.

Kindly Reminder: For public policy matters, please send an email to