Dear Players,

Welcome to All-Talent Championship! You and your teammates can join matches here and immerse yourself in this glorious PUBG MOBILE Esports tournament. For a better gaming environment, the Talent Challenge online tournament will take strict action against all cheating behaviour. All participants must pass the security verification and reach Silver IV or higher tier in the recent season to join a match. Match results will go through system auto-detection and manual review to ensure validity.

If any team member is found using improper means, such as a teamer, cheater or using prohibited devices, the results of the entire team will be forfeited, and the team will be disqualified.

*Accounts for those players who use improper means will be banned and their match earnings will be cleared.

Rules in the All-Talent Championship

1. The All-Talent Championship is divided into Weekly Matches, the Semi-Finals, Playoffs, an the Final Rounds.

Weekly Matches start from the 1st to the 4th week.
The Semi-Final will be held in the 5th week.
The Playoffs and The Finals Round both start in the 6th week.

Players can participate in the Weekly Matches directly, Semi-Finals, Playoffs and Final rounds can only be joined by advancing from the previous stage. The minimum tier requirement for the Weekly matches is Silver V, for Semi-Finals and Playoffs is Gold V, and for the Final Round is Platinum V.

2. Every team can receive points weekly by participating in the Weekly Matches. The points of their best 6 matches will be counted as their weekly points, top 40 teams will enter the Semi-Finals.

3. Teams that advance to the Semi-Finals will be divided randomly into 4 groups. Each group will play 3 consecutive matches and the top 2 from each group will advance to the Final Round. Teams that qualified in the Playoffs will play 3 matches, the top 2 will go into the Final Round.

4.     In the Final Round will have to play 4 consecutive matches. Teams will be ranked and rewarded based on their total points. Players who made it into the Final Round will have a chance to enter PUBG MOBILE Competition (PMCO).


All-Talent Championship points are counted in teams instead of individual points.

Scoring rules for single matches:
1. Total points of a match = defeat points + ranking points.
2. Calculation of defeat points: Gain 1 point by defeating 1 player
3. Calculation of ranking points: No. 1 gains 15 points, No. 2 gains 12 points, No. 3 gains 10 points, No.4 gains 8 points, No. 5 gains 6 points, No. 6 gains 4 points, No. 7 gains 2 points, No. 8-12 gains 1 point.

Q: How do I report suspicious players/teams?
A: There are 2 ways to report:

(1) During in-match:
Tap the Report button at the top-right corner of the screen to summon a Live Investigator. A Live Investigator will arrive on the scene to assess the situation. This method is suitable when the cheaters cannot be identified.

(2) After being defeated/match has ended:
You can report cheaters on the Post-match results page after being defeated. Report progress and results will be sent via in-game mail.

You can follow up on the progress by selecting the Security Center from the menu at the bottom right corner of the lobby, and you can view the progress and results of your previous report.

Notice: Fair Play Precautions
(1) Do not join the match with a rooted,  jailbroken device or an emulator.
(2) Any modifier is prohibited. Please uninstall relevant software from your device and restart it before entering the match. Once your device is normal, enter the game and wait for a minimum of two minutes before entering the security inspection page of the event.
(3) To avoid being falsely reported for screen hacking from spectating, please disable “Allow Spectators" in the settings.
(4) Please maintain a stable internet connection during the match.
(5) Only download installation packs from official sources.
(6) Accounts with a history of cheating are prohibited from participating in the All-Talent Championship.

PUBG MOBILE reserves the right to interpret the event rules. For more details about All-Talent Championship please go to Matches >> All-Talent Championship

Thank you for supporting PUBG Mobile and we hope you find this information helpful!
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