In order to create a better game experience environment for all players, the game currently does not support random server switching. Before you make changes to the in-game server, please be aware of the impact this change will have on your game experience:
*You can only change your server once every 14 days. We advise you to choose the server carefully before switching it.

If you want to switch your in-game server, please follow the below steps:

Go to the Settings page, select Account then you may check and change your current server.

*Server switching will not affect any matchmaking. If you and your friends are on different servers during the game, the server is set to the server where the host is by default.

*Guest account is not available for server switching. We advise you to link your game account to any of your social media accounts for a better gaming experience.

Kind Reminder: For public policy matters, please send an email to