PUBG Mobile team always holds a zero-tolerance attitude towards any form of cheating. We will continue to work hard to guarantee the best experience for every player. Please respect the rules of the game, and let us work together to maintain a fair gaming environment.

Q: What does team up with cheaters mean?
A: Teaming up with cheaters refers to when a player teams up with players who uses cheats,  multiple times to increase their tier.

Q: What is the danger of teaming up with cheaters?
A: Firstly, when a player who uses cheats is in your team, it will make the game unfair for other players in the match.
Secondly, players who actively team-up with players who use cheats to get benefits indirectly encourage the use of cheats,  this type of behaviour will be punished. You may also be reported by other players.

Q: If I am detected to have teamed up with cheaters, will my account be banned or will my earnings be deducted?
A: You won't be punished if you only do this once, however, you will be punished if you actively team up with cheaters many times. Penalties include the deduction of earnings, the removal of tier ratings, and account bans. The actual penalty will depend on the severity of the circumstances. In general, the more times you team up with cheaters and the worse the situation, the heavier the penalty.

Q: I didn't know that I had teamed up with cheaters. Why was I banned?
A: Those who try to gain invalid benefits and hope they won't get caught will be punished. Please don't trust any exaggerated promotions that claim they can help you win matches easily or help you climb the rankings with skill. If you encounter any teammates who you suspect may be cheating, please report them and avoid teaming up with them.

Q: If Find a match matches me up with a player who uses cheats, will I be punished for teaming up with cheaters?
A: No, your account won't be banned if you are matched with a player who uses cheats once in random matching, but you may be banned if you intentionally team up with players who use cheats many times to increase your tier.

Q: How can I avoid collateral damage from team up with cheaters?
A: If your teammate claims to cheat or you suspect that your teammate cheats, please leave the match or return to the Lobby as soon as possible. Your risk of being banned increases with each match you play with players who cheat.
When you suspect that your teammate has cheated, it is advised that you look for the Report button in the Results Screen or Career Results after a match to report a player for cheating. You can check the Report Results in the Security Zone to view the results of your report.

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