Q: How can I tell if the player in the video is breaking the rules?
A: While watching the first-person recording, the investigator observes the player's behavior and decides whether the player is cheating. For those who are not clear about the different types of cheating and their characteristics, the Review Tutorial feature can help rookies grow into shrewd investigators. We recommend that players who have not experienced the Video Review feature complete the Review Tutorial first. The tutorial will improve your judgment and the results do not affect the player in the video.
To provide a smoother experience, videos for review will not include information such as doors or supplies. To help investigators make the right call, we've added some visual aids such as coloring different subjects. Figures highlighted red are opponents visible from the first-person view. Figures highlighted yellow are opponents not visible from the first-person view. Figures highlighted green are allies not visible from the first-person view. Players can use this information to help decide whether the player is cheating. There are three options that investigators can choose: Violation Found, No Violation, and Unsure. The investigator makes a decision based on the player's behavior, then submits their choice.

Q: Can I just randomly choose an option?
A: Of course not! To ensure that the Video Review system is operating fairly, in addition to their investigator level and accuracy, each investigator also has a hidden review weight. The higher the investigator's review weight, the more effect their decision will have on the final result. Investigators that make incorrect judgments will have their review weight greatly reduced.
Please pay close attention to the videos you review and use your authority carefully. If a player's review accuracy is too low, we will reduce their review weight until they are disqualified.

Q: How can I increase my review weight?
A: Review weights are calculated using multiple criteria. These criteria include the player's history of accurate reporting, highest tier reached, combat statistics, win rate, review history, review accuracy, time spent reviewing, accuracy of review cases, and more.
Since most review videos come from players' in-game reports, we encourage more players to report cheaters through the in-game report system. It increases your review weight and also contributes to creating a clean gaming environment!

We sincerely hope that many of you will join us as investigators. Together, we can prevent cheating and create a fair and just gaming environment! Ban Pan and we have been waiting for you!

Kind Reminder: For public policy-related concerns, please send an email to policy@proximabeta.com