Kindly read the information below to see if you have met the requirement to unlink your game account from your social media account.

1. Players can unlink one of the linked social media if they have linked their game account to 2 social media accounts.
2. You can only unlink the social media account that you are not using as your login channel.
3. The current login channel must have been linked to your game account for at least 30 days.
4.  Your login device must have a login history of at least 15 days in the past 30 days.
5. Once the unlink request is sent, the account you requested will be unlinked in the first login after 7 days. The request will be rejected once you log in with the requested channel.
To check whether you’ve met the requirements, you may click the Account unlink button in the Settings >> Account page section. You are yet to meet the requirements if there is no unlink button appearing on your page.

Note: Unlink feature does not support in unlink Email and Phone numbers. If you need to change password for your Email/Phone number login, please refer to: How to reset my password for email/phone number login?

Thank you for supporting PUBG Mobile and we hope you find this information helpful!
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