For more information about how to unlink your in-game social media account, kindly refer to the information below to see if you have met the requirements:

Basic Unlink:

  1. You can unlink one of the linked social media accounts if you have linked two;
  2. You can only unlink the social media account that is not currently logging in;
  3. The current login channel must have been linked for at least 30 days;
  4. The current login device and the login region must have a login history of at least 15 days in the past 30 days;
  5. The account unlink will be effective in the first login after 7 days the unlink application is sent. You will withdraw the unlink application if you log in with the requested account within these 7 days.

Quick unlinking (have to meet the basic unlink requirements)

The system will auto-detect if you have met the requirements to unlink your social media immediately. The requirements are as below:

  1.  Log in with the platform you linked to the account when you first register for the game;
  2. The current device is the device you often used to log in to the game;
  3. The current device has been logged in with all linked platforms today;
 *You can unlink your account immediately once you have met one of the requirements above with no time pending.

To check whether you've met the requirements, you may click the Account unlink button in the Settings >> Account page section. You are yet to meet the requirements if there is no unlink button appearing on your page, or if the page has shown you a message saying you cannot unlink. 



-   We do not support any Email/Phone Number unlink at the moment. If you need to change your Email/Phone Number login password, kindly refer to: How to reset my password for email/phone number login?

-   For how to change your in-game linked Email/Phone number, kindly refer to the FAQ: How to change my linked Email/Mobile number?

- If your account got hacked, please refer to the FAQ: My account got hacked.
Thank you for supporting PUBG Mobile and we hope you find this information helpful!
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