Many players are complaining that there’re many Friendly Fire Kill in the game. They feel frustrated and hope that harsh punishment will be enforced on such behavior.
We hope that the friendly fire kill behavior will be reduced after the function is released. Meanwhile, we sincerely suggest all players do not hurt your teammates during the game. Together, we will create a better gaming environment that is enjoyable for everyone.

What are the rules of Friendly Fire Kill Punishment?
1. The rules are only for Classic Mode. If you are (accidentally) knocked out by one of your teammates, you can choose the option "Yes" on the pop-up to prevent the teammate who knocks you out from picking up your loots.
2. After you are killed by one of your teammates, you can directly report the teammate for teamkill to stop the teammate from performing any further action during the current match. Once the punishment takes effect, the teammate will not be able to move, attack, use any items or drive/get into vehicles, etc.

Q: What if I kill the teammate who shot me first?
A: If you kill the teammate who was trying to kill you first, you won’t get any restriction but you may be forbidden from picking up the loots if the teamkiller chooses to do so.

Q: What if I accidentally hurt my teammates?
A: If you accidentally knock out/hurt one of your teammates, you may try to explain yourself through text or voice chat, and make up for the fault you've made to avoid misunderstanding as soon as possible.

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