Many players complain that the friendly fire kill is very frustrating and wish to have a harsh punishment for this behaviour. We have compiled Q&A for different scenarios in friendly fire killing. Hope the information is helpful for you.

Q: What are the rules of Friendly Fire Kill Punishment?
1.  This is only applicable to Classic Mode. If you have accidentally been knocked out by one of your teammates, you may choose the option “Yes” from the pop-up to stop the teammate from picking up your equipment.

2.  After you were killed by your teammate, you can report the teammate for teamkilling immediately to stop the teammate from performing further action in the match. Once the punishment is implemented, the teammate will not be able to operate in the game, such as moving, attacking, using any items, driving or getting into any vehicles etc.

Q: What if I kill the teammate who shot me first?
A: If you have killed the teammate who is trying to kill you, you will not be restricted as above. You might not able to pick up his equipment if he selects the option “Yes” in the pop-up.

Q: What if I accidentally hurt my teammates?
A: If you accidentally knock out/hurt one of your teammates, we advise you to explain it to your teammates through chatbox or voice chat to avoid misunderstanding.

We highly advise all players not to hurt your teammates during the match. Punishment will be implemented no matter if it is reported by the teammate or detected by the system. Let’s create a better gaming environment for everyone to enjoy the game.

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