If you encounter cheaters in game, we recommend that you click the in-game "Report" button to report cheaters. After receiving the report, the anti-cheat system will immediately detect and monitor the reported player.

The detailed steps for reporting cheater in the game can be found: How to report cheater directly through in game channel?

* After completing the report in the game, you can check the report processing progress and results at any time in the Security Center in the game.
(Click on the triangle icon in the lower right corner of the lobby> Security Center > Reports)

You can also report the cheater directly by sending us cheater’s info through in-game customer service following below template:

Please send the first message with [Report hacker] to us when you want to report cheater through in-game customer service.
1. Content: Report hacker (Cheater's User ID)
2. Screenshot of your Career Results by marking the respective Match in which you've encountered the cheater.
3. Cheating description: (Type of cheat tools or cheating behavior)

Example of Career Results page:

* If you want to report a website/channel that sells or uses cheating tools, please contact customer service directly, and provide the specific website link, the name of website/channel, and then we will check it.

Thank you for your efforts to maintain a fair and just game environment!

Kindly Reminder: For public policy matters, please send an email to policy@proximabeta.com