If you wish to report a cheating player via Customer Service, please include the "Report cheating" keywords in the message.
1. Content: Report cheating (Cheating player's Player ID)
2. Career Results Screenshot: (Please mark out the match that you have encountered the cheating player)
3. Cheating Player Description: (Type of cheat used or cheating player's actions)
Career Results Screenshot Example:
Required information when reporting websites/channels/streamers/bloggers selling cheating software:
1. Cheating streamer/blogger/channel name
2. Cheat description (Type of cheat or cheating behavior)
3. Cheating video clip or screenshot
Detailed steps to report cheating violations can be found in the FAQ:
How can I report players who use/sell cheating software?
Once the detection system receives your report, it will monitor the reported player.

Common In-Game Report Icon:

Thank you for your efforts to maintain a fair and just game environment!

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