When your Synergy is high enough, you can build up the Connections with your friends. (Male/Female)

How to build up Connections with friends:
*Ensure your Synergy is high enough. (At least 200)
1. Tap your Avatar on the Lobby page;
2. Click the [Connection] button on the left side of the [Main Menu];
3. Choose one Connection you want to build with your friend(s) and send the request(s) to your friend(s).

How to show/select my Partners?
In order to show/select your partners, please follow the sequence of the below steps:
1. On the top right of the screen, press on the profile photo;
2. Press on [Edit] which you will see on the left side of the [Main Menu];
3. On the right side of the new window, you will see vertical aligned tabs. Press on the last option [Connections];
4. Enable the [Allow Others to see Connections] option. (If you disable this option, players will not be able to see your Connections);
5. Close the window and on the very left side of the screen, you can see two icons;
6. The first icon from top is the Synergy icon, click it. Now you will be able to choose you owned partners.

How to stand by my friends?
In order for your partner to stand in your back, please follow these steps:
1. On the top side, press your profile photo;
2. On the very left side of the screen, press on the first icon – Synergy icon;
3. In the new window, check the bottom right side and you will see a handshaking-heart-shaped icon with “Partners” label. Now you can invite your partner and see the requests from your partners.
Note that in order to stand by your friends, there must have 400 or more Synergy between you and your friends. If you do not have friends with Synergy of 400 or above, you will not be able to invite them to stand by your side.

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