When you and your friend's Synergy reached 100, you may build up connections with your friends. Please refer to below for the detailed information about synergy, hope you will find this helpful.


Q:How to build Connections with friends?

Tap on Connections icon to enter the connections page, then tap on Establishing Synergy, you may see all your friends you could establish intimate relationship with, and then tap on Request Connection to become close friends on the page.

Q: How to show/select my Partners?

To show/select your partners, please follow the steps below:

Go to Connection —>Settings—>Privacy & Social, look for Allow Others to See Connections option and Enabled it. If you have multiple connections, you may also choose to prioritize your connection: Lover/ Bromance/ Buddy/ BFF

*You may also find all your interaction records with your partner on the Connections —> Partners page. At the same time, you may also receive Partner Rewards for each level of intimacy you reach.

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