You will be able to obtain companions by participating in specific events. Below are some frequently asked questions about companions, we hope you find them helpful!
Q: How can I check my companions after I get them?
A: You may be able to see all your companions by clicking on Workshop at the bottom of the game lobby.
Q: Can I rename my companion?
A: Of course, you can! You may be able to rename your companion by clicking on the name of your companion at the bottom left corner of the companion page. But please take note that you may only change your companion's name once per day, and only the first change is free.
Q: Can the enemy see my companion in the match?
A: Don't worry, your companion will only be visible to your teammate but not your enemy. Further, you may be able to configure if you want to show your companion/ see other player's companions by tapping on the gear icon at the upper right corner of the companion page.
Q: How can I unlock more companion action?
A: You may unlock all your companion's actions by advancing your companion level, you refer to below for how to advance your companion level.
1: You may tap Deploy to bring it to battles in any mode;
2: Feed your companion with companion food to give your companion extra experience. (You may be able to collect pieces to exchange for companion foods, or buy companion foods directly through the Shop >> Treasures page, during certain event periods)

*After unlocking the actions of your companion, your companion's actions occur randomly based on your action/status in the match, such as going prone, firing and parachuting, etc. Each action/status of your game character will result in different actions of your companion.

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