One of the most ferocious predatory birds on the planet - Falcon Companion is available now, come find out what's new here!

How to get/check it:
During the event time, collect fragments and redeem your own Falcon or you can by one directly from Treasures-Shop. (By buying corresponding fragments to redeem the Companion)
Once you unlocked your Companion, you can check the status of it in [Companion] page through the [Workshop].

How to unlock more Companion Actions:
After unlocking the Companion, you can unlock all Falcon Actions by leveling up your Falcon. There're 2 ways to upgrade your Falcon:
♦ Option 1: You can tap Deploy to bring it to battles in any mode;
♦ Option 2: Feed it Companion Food to give it extra experience. (During the event time, collect fragments to redeem Companion Food or buy it through Shop directly)

The Companion in the game:
1. After unlocking more actions of your Companion, the actions occur randomly based on your status in the match, such as going prone, firing and parachuting, etc. Each status occur the different action.
2. The Companion can only be seen by you and your teammates. Your Companion will not reveal your position.
3. You can also change the in game visibility of Companion(s) by clicking the "Gear" icon at the top of the right corner in [Companion] page.

If you have any other questions about Companions, don't hesitate to contact us via customer service directly!
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