We are sorry to hear that you are having problems entering a match. We suggest playing the game at locations with stable internet connection. We also recommend trying the following:

1. Make sure that you have a stable internet connection (4G or Wi-Fi).
2. Make sure that you have selected the optimal server. (Please select the server appropriately according to your area/region)
3. Log out of your account, exit the game and clear some storage on your device, then log in again. Before logging out, please note that if you are playing as guest, logging out might erase your progress.
4. Tap the Repair Button on the right side of Login screen to repair PUBG MOBILE.
5. Download and install the game again. (Before deleting the game, please note that if you are playing as a guest, deleting the game might erase your progress. You can link your guest account to a social media account to keep your progress)

The internet fluctuation might cause this problem sometimes, we suggest you to try the steps above to see whether the problem can be fixed or not. If the issue persists, please contact us for further/more assistance. Thanks for your support.

Kindly Reminder: For public policy matters, please send an email to policy@proximabeta.com