If you unable to locate your items that you get from lucky draw/wheel spin/crates, even though you are in a stable network conditions. Please do perform a simple check listed below.

1. Certain items are send through in-game mail, hence please do perform a check on your in-game mail past 30 days records as you might be able to find your missing items there. 

2. Please confirm if the items that went missing was a permanent items, as time limited items will be remove from your inventory once it is expired.

3. Network connection unstable could be one of the cause of delay in receiving your items, thus we kindly ask for your patience to wait for 24 hours time for your items to be credited into your inventory.

4. Please confirm if you are in a good network conditions, if you are not sure about your network conditions, please proceed to the login page and perform a repair to your game. Once you done repaired your game, please restart the game and check if the missing item is in your inventory.
If you have gone through all the check above, and you still unable to locate your missing items. Please reach out to our customer service with detailed information and screenshots (if possible) so that we may perform a more in-depth investigation from our end. (Settings >>Customer Service.) 

Thank you for your support and understanding!

Kind Reminder: For public policy-related concern, please send an email to policy@proximabeta.com