Complete daily matches to gain more Clan Energy. The better a player performs in the battle, the greater the amount of Clan Energy gained. Reach the clan energy targets during the season to collect rewards:

Reach 60000 Energy to receive: 1 Radio chat item, this could be use in the World Chat to send a radio Message.

Reach 150000 Energy to receive: 2 Classic Crate Coupon. Get a corresponding crate for free.

Reach 320000 Energy to receive: 5 Paints. Material for upgrading firearms.


Clan members need to survived a total time of 30 minues in any mode to collect  50 Clan points and 100 Clan Energy. Group training with clan members in any mode for 1 times could collect 100 Clan points and 8 Supply Crate Coupon Scrap.

You may exchange certain items with your clan points by going through Clan >> Shop page

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