Please take note that not all weapons can be upgraded, you may only be able to upgrade certain weapons. Thus, in order to upgrade weapons, players are required to first obtain an upgradeable weapon. After that, players may be able to upgrade the upgradeable weapons in The Lab. You may refer to the below on how to check your all upgradeable weapons:

At game Lobby >> look for Workshop at the bottom of the page, then tap on The Lab to check all your upgradeable firearms.

Upgraded weapons come with additional effects in the match, which included an increase in quality, and changes in the weapon's appearance. You may refer to the below for more information regarding the additional effects of an upgraded weapon:

1. Hit effect: A special hit effect will be displayed when you hit an enemy with your upgraded weapon.
2. Elimination effect: A special elimination effect will be displayed when you eliminate an enemy with an upgraded weapon.
3. Elimination broadcast: A special elimination message will be shown when you defeat an enemy with an upgraded weapon.
4. Loot crate: A special loot crate will be dropped by enemies defeated with an upgraded weapon.
5. Results Emote: When this is equipped on your character, a special character emote will be triggered during the end-of-match.
6. Firearm ornaments: Your upgraded weapons come with a firearm ornament.
7. Attachment Finishes: Some upgradeable weapons come with attachment finishes. You may unlock them by using UC. You may further choose to equip your upgraded weapons with the Attachment finishes, and your upgraded weapons will be displayed with the corresponding attachment equipped even when you are in a match.

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