A Clan is a team that allow players in the Clan to team up with each other to get more exciting gameplay/rewards. The Clans can be customized with avatar, icon, etc. And please note that the higher Clan's Level is, the more members it can accommodate.
Join/Create Clan(s) to meet more friends and get more rewards!

Add members:
1. Clan's Leader and Co-Leader can invite their friends to the Clan directly.
2. Clan members can recommend their friends to the Leader or Co-Leader. After approval, they will be invited to the Clan successfully.
3. From the Main Menu of the Clan, at the right side of the screen - left side of the vertical bar, you can see "Invite" button, press to add more members!

Clan Activity:
You can refer following steps to earn more Clan Activity Points:
1. Complete daily Clan Training to earn Activity Points
2. Participate in Classic and Arcade mode matches to earn clan activity points.
3. Earn more points by ranking higher in matches. Team up with Clan member to ear bonus activity point. More Clan members means more bonus points.

Clan Levels:
Activity Points contributed by Clan members are converted into Clan EXP and the Clan's level will rise once Clan EXP reached the required amount.
Higher level Clan have access to more Clan privileges:
1. Clan size increase
2. Better items in Clan shop
3. More members to accommodate

Clan Points & Clan Shop:
Clan Points:
In order to earn Clan Points, you can do from:
1. Clan Training
2. Helping Clan members with bargaining
3. Get more Clan Activity Points to collect more Clan benefits
4. Send/Collect Perks
* When members get a certain high quality items, they can send a perk to the Clan
* The perks can be collected by any Clan member once. Cannot be collected after a certain number of times. Only a certain unclaimed number of perks are available. Please collect yours as soon as possible
Clan Shop:
The Clan offers a private shop and it will allows you to buy exclusive Items/Avatar frames with Clan Points. The higher Clan's level is, the more items will be unlocked, the available items can be purchased with Clan Points. Use Clan Points to redeem exclusive outfits and avatar frames in the Clan Shop!
Note: If you want to check what items are available for purchase, please press "Shop" and a list of items and avatar frames will be shown with their buying conditions.

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