A Clan allows players to work as a team for more exciting game experiences and rewards. Come join or create a Clan to meet for friends and complete the Clan missions to earn Clan points for more rewards!

Let me introduce you to more information about the in-game CLAN

Adding Members
1. The Clan leader and co-leader can invite their friends to the Clan,  and their friends will automatically join the Clan after they accept the invitation.
2. Clan members can also invite their friends to join the Clan after getting approval from the leaders.

Clan Energy
Clan members can obtain Energy through the corresponding methods according to their Clan’s attributes, the obtained Energy will gain as the Clan’s Energy. You may view your Energy weekly and seasonally, along with the Clan’s total Energy in real-time via the Objective page in the Clan menu. Members can collect rewards once you or your Clan has met the target. (Each player can only collect one reward at each level of every stage.)

*Your Energy will be emptied once you leave the Clan, but the contributions to the Clan will not be removed.
*The Clan leader can change the Clan’s attribute once, within the first 7 days of the season. The energy obtained in the previous attribute will be emptied once the attribute has been changed.

You may gain more Clan Energy by completing the steps below:
1. Participating in the classic mode game can get competitive energy, the better the battle performance,  the more competitive energy you will get.
2. Complete daily Clan training.
3. There is no limit in Clan Energy obtaining.
4. Match up with your Clan members to enjoy extra Energy bonuses.

Clan Levels
The Clan Experience will be increased when Clan members complete matches in any mode. The Clan’s level will also increase once the Experience level has reached certain numbers.

High-level Clans have access to more privileges:
1. Expand Clan size  
2. More advanced items in the Clan Shop

Clan Points and Clan Shop
You can earn Clan Points from completing the Clan Training, helping your Clan members in bargaining or redeeming the Clan benefits. You may use the Clan Points to redeem exclusive outfits and avatar frames in the Clan Shop. The higher your Clan level is, the more items will be unlocked for you to redeem.

Clan Perks
When the members get certain high-quality items, they can send perks to the Clan.

How to collect perks
1. The perk can be collect by every Clan member, and each member can only claim it once
2. There is a limit to the number of times each perk can be claimed, and once the upper limit is reached, it will no longer be claimed.
3. There is an upper limit on the number of perks stored in each Clan, we advise members to claim them as soon as possible.

Clan Shop
The Clan offers a private shop, the members may purchase or redeem exclusive items or avatar frames with their Clan Points. The higher Clan’s level is, the more items will be unlocked and available to purchase with Clan Points.

Please note:
* If the Clan leader does not log in to the game for 30 days, any active Clan member can apply to become the acting leader.
* If the vice leader does not log in to the game for 30 days, his administrative rights will be transferred.

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