1. There are 10 tiers in the game: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Crown, Ace, Ace Master, Ace Dominator, and PUBG Conqueror.
2. The bronze tier has 3 mini-tiers and the Silver has 4 mini-tiers. Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Crown each have 5 mini tiers.
3.You have to reach 100 Rating Points to move forward to each mini-tier.
4. The Ace tier starts with 4,200 Rating Points, the Ace Master tier starts with 4,700 Rating Points, and the Ace Dominator starts with 5,200 Rating Points.
5. With the Ace or higher tier, the player will receive 1 badge when they move forward to each mini-tier.
6. The Server’s Top 500 players with the Ace or higher tier will automatically upgrade to the PUBG Conqueror tier at 00:20 (UTC+0) daily.

Tier Reward

1. Players can collect rewards after reaching a specific tier and completing missions with certain requirements.
2. You may view the tier reward in detail on the Tier Rewards screen.
3. The rewards will be updated each season.

Tier Title

1. Players will unlock the season title after reaching the Ace Master tier.
2. The season title will be awarded based on the player's current season statistics and performance.
3. The season title can be equipped and changed on the Season screen. Once equipped, the title will be displayed in the UI.

Tier Synchronization Rules

1. The latest Point Synchronization system has your points held in different matchmaking modes.
2. When you have reached a higher tier in one of the matchmaking modes, you will also gain points in the other matchmaking mode.
3. Points earned in FFP and TTP modes will remain separate.
4. Points are able to sync until the Diamond  V tier.

For more details about Tier Adjustments During Off-Season, please click on :Tier Adjustments During Off-Season

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