Try the steps below if you are experiencing connection issues:

1.  Make sure your network is stable.
2.  Make sure your selected server matches your current physical location.
3.  Try to switch your network between Wi-Fi or 4G and make sure your signal is stable.
4.  Log out from the game and free up some storage from your device, then try to log in again.
5.  Repair/reinstall the game.

*For guest account players, we highly advise you to link your game account to any of your social media accounts to avoid game progress erasure after the game reinstall.

To check your server: Go to in-game Settings, select Account and you may check your current server.

Repair button: Tap the Repair button on the right side of the Login page to repair the game.

Thank you for supporting PUBG Mobile and we hope you find this information helpful!
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