The Portable Closet allows you to quickly change Outfits on the Main Lobby and in the Island Lobby (while on the countdown to the match start).
If you wish to unlock any Portable Closet Slots, you may do so by following the next steps:

Tap on [Inventory] and on the bottom left you will find the portable closet:

[1] [2] [3] [RP] (You must tap on the slot you wish to Unlock).

[1] - The first slot is obtained by default.
[2] - The second slot can be rented with Battle Points (BP) (7 Days - 6000 BP / 30 Days - 19000 BP / 90 Days - 45000 BP)
[3] - The third slot can be rented with Unknown Cash (UC) (7 Days - 60 UC / 30 Days - 190 UC / 90 Days - 450 UC)
[RP] - The RP slot is available as a reward for the users who purchased the Elite Royale Pass.

*Please note that each piece of clothing(except helmet, backpack and weapon) can be assigned only to one Portable Closet Slot at a time.
*You can see how many pieces of one item you have available on the bottom right of your clothes (example: [0/1] or [1/2] ).
*You can also change outfits after the Match Starts.

For more information please tap on the [?] icon next the Portable Closet.
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